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What is Megri URL Redirect Checker?

Technology always comes up with a problem first, then the solution. Here we are going to offer you the best solution to check whether the URL that you believe is important for you, is being redirected to some other abnormal web page or not! Redirect Checking is the process of checking URLs & weblinks for external linking. Many of the URLs out there on the internet are redirecting links & many of them are pointed to the websites that are counted in as bad or spam websites, which could result in loss of data or private information to those sites. It is one of the important step of ON Page SEO carried out by professional SEO service providers.

How this Redirect checker works?

Megri URL Redirect checker - A tool developed by high stake developers to protect you from being a victim of those thousands of cyber crimes that happen every year. The tool interprets the URL to detect the good bad status. The tool has been kept as simple as it could be in order to make sure everyone can make a use in spite of other tools which require the user to understand those complex & puzzled computer language.

Benefits of URL Redirect Checker

There are a number of tools that are present on the internet & I do believe all of them are there for a reason or problem. The Redirect Checker by Megri Tools is one of those web analysis & SEO monetization tools that are available on the Internet for free but it makes a stand out from the crowd just because people love its simplicity, easy operation & speed!