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Bulk Alexa Rank Checker

Bulk Alexa Rank Checker is an online SEO audit tool to check the stack of Alexa traffic ratings. In simple words this tool allows users to check the current position of multiple websites with a single click. With the help of this, users can easily do Competitive Analysis, Keyword Research, Competitive Website Analysis, SEO Analysis, Check Backlinks, Target Audience Analysis.

How Bulk Alexa rank checker tool works

Our free Alexa Rank Checker is a fast way to find out the Alexa rank of your own website or any other site. Simply enter the Multiple URL’s (domain name) you wish to check and press the submit button. It will generate the result within seconds. This tool generates the result of the data collected in the last 3 months. This tool uses the Alexa ranking algorithm to generate the results.

Alexa Rank checker tool features:

This content will help you to know about the Alexa rank checker in detail and how it is beneficial for any user. This is a prominent tool that gives you data that can be used for competitors’ site analysis. In a single click, you will get all the needed information about your website. It’s not over yet. Now, What's more?

  • Website analysis. It must be so important for the website owner to know the exact ratio of users who visit their site daily. One can also monitor Alexa web ranking of their website progress report.
  • Competitors analysis. This tool will help you to compare your website with your competitors. You can categorize websites on the basis of “Global”, “Country,” “Category”, and “ranking” parameters.
  • Traffic analysis. You can easily find from which countries or locations your website is getting the highest ratio of users. All these will help you to strategically plan for your website to boost the traffic on your site.

Benefits of Bulk Alexa Rank Checker Tool

The Bulk Alexa rank tool is important in the sense that it provides you with high-level data on how traffic and engagement fare for multiple websites together. This data allows you to get a better understanding of various sites and a general idea of what to work on to improve your popularity.


  • One limitation of this tool is that it checks only 25 URLs at one time.
  • Another one is that the results may vary according to the performance of websites.


Although Bulk Alexa rank can be a good tool to compare one website’s performance against another’s, it is not necessary that Alexa’s statistics are always the most accurate. Some sites that receive much higher page views actually have a lower Alexa rank. Think of it, the lower the better. As Google has much wider coverage than Alexa. And because of this lower coverage, Use Alexa rank as an overview for comparison purposes, not an absolutely accurate overview of a website.


How Is Alexa Rank Calculated?

The Alexa ranking algorithm audits a site and calculates the frequency of visits of users on that site. If the same user visits a website more than once a day, it is counted as a single visit.

Is Alexa Ranking 100% Accurate?

It is not necessary that Alexa’s statistics are always the most accurate. Some sites that receive much higher page views actually have a lower Alexa rank. Think of it, the lower the better. Google has much wider coverage than Alexa.

Does the Alexa score affect the position in the search checker?

When two almost the same websites with the same PageRank come in search results, that website with the lowest Alexa score gets higher in the search engine. Of course, it's hard to check if this is directly on the Alexa score.

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