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Bulk URL Shortener

About Bulk URL Shortener

This tool is very useful for business purposes, sometimes in bulk, you need short URL instead of long URL. Bulk URL shortener tool is used to shorten the long URL. This tool squeeze characters of the URL to use and share them with users online. The shortened links are directly used in our applications for further use. Longer URL can be easily remembered or even there is a limit on characters of URL.

Working of Bulk URL Shortener

To use Bulk URL shortener tool, copy the link to the space area that you want to shorten. It will show you the result. This tool help to shorten the tool that will save you loads of save time.

Benefits of Bulk URL Shortener

This tool gives you the benefit of using the keyword in your URL. The link looks more creative and attractive. Short URLs bring more traffic to your websites. It can be easily share and save your load time. Short URL is also easy to remember rather then long URL.