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URL Rewriting Tool

What is URL rewriting?

URL rewriting is free SEO tool used to make dynamic URL into short static URLs. Static URLs are more effective because everyone search for smaller URLs. You can make your URL more effective by using Keyword in your path. Url that you used for your website should be small and effective because URLs make website effective in browsers. We mainly use static URL because they are easily indexed in the browsers.

How URL rewriting Tool works?

URL rewriter tool is very efficient and easy to use. URL rewriting tool is mainly used by website owners. To get the result from this tool you just need to paste the name of the website and enter submit. After submitting you will get two results of URLs static and dynamic. You can choose any of URL you want. This tool makes your website more visible in search engines.

Benefits of URL rewriting tool

Advantages of using this tool is that it will make your website effective by bringing more traffic to the sites. The websites are easily searched in the browser that has short URLs. This tool is helpful in search result because search engines use URL that is not very long. Short URL attracts more traffic rather than long URL because search engine mostly ignores the URL that is very long. So, try to use URL that is short with the perfect keyword.