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What is Broken Links Finder?

Broken links founder is a tool that is used to found the domain name, pages, URL that doesn't even exist. This lead to 404 error which means that website is still running, but the URL that you are trying to find is either deleted or changed. The broken link gives you information on that page is not found or URL does not exist. Broken link affects your site very much, as any user come to your site to get the information and after clicking on the link they will not get any information. This will cause in your reputation

How does Broken Links Finder Tool work?

Broken link checker tool automatically check the broken link, as broken links are invisible. Write URL in URL section and press submit. You will get the desired results. Broken link make visibility of your website slow. It's just like it will take you to the destination which actually doesn't exist

Benefits of Broken Links Finder?

There are many reasons for the occurrence of broken links It works for both external as well as internal links. It will scan all your website to find dead links. It will analyse an unlimited number of links. Whenever it finds any dead link it reports in your HTML code section. This tool is very useful to increase ranking in SEO