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What is Website Mobile Friendly test tool?

Mobile friendly website is important part of online presence. In last few years, Google has put Penalty on many sites that offer bad experience to mobile users. After that it was declared as an important to test your website as Google mobile friendly test for overall ranking. Mobile Friendly test tool allows you to take a mobile test which tells you about the score of website in terms of mobile responsiveness. This tool is helpful to know that your website is working great or not. Google ranks that website fast who are mobile user friendly and take less time to load and look good on all devices.

How Mobile Friendly Test tool works?

To use this easy to use mobile friendly test tool, just enter the URL of the website that you want to test. This test will take very few time to show the result. It will take a screenshot and displays you how the web page look like on mobile device and even on any device. It shows the status of webpage as well mobile friendly score and screenshot of your webpage.

Benefits of Mobile Friendly Test tool

The main benefit of this tool is better experience. Even google allows to rank that website which are mobile friendly. Mobile friendly website provide better experience with great view as you don't have to zoom the site and scroll it to find the links.