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What is Page Authority checker?

Page authority is powerful MOZ metrics, efficient free SEO tool uses to check the strength of specific page and rank in search engine. It also helps in detecting the page value. It represents the ranking of the page from 1 to 100. The pages which have high Page authority are more efficient and engage with more users. it also helps to increase more traffic by attracting maximum users.


How page authority checker works?

Page authority tool works very fluently and fastly than other SEO tools. You just need to type or simply copy paste URL of your website and this tool will scan the URL of your website and then shows the result within the second. If your websites have high PA then you can attain top rank on the search engine. To obtain the high ranking on the google, your domain authority and page authority should be high.


Let’s Find Difference Between Page Authority and Domain Authority

Page authority and domain authority analysis the metric, in the same way, consideration of backlinks and other ranking factors. The major difference between them is, domain authority analysis the ranking of whole web pages whereas page authority works on the individual page


Benefits of Bulk Page Authority checker Tool

Page authority is very major SEO tool. To increase traffic to your websites, you should have higher PA. This tool will analyse your website and gives result in no time. Page authority is very helpful to understand the dynamics of a given set of SERP’s when developing a keyword strategy. PA is a great way to measure the value of individual links, identify new keyword opportunities. To check whether your web pages will rank high on search engine results pages, you should track the page authority of your pages.