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What is Malware and Security Scanner?

Google malware checker tool is used to analyse the whole website whether it is affected by malware or not. This tool warned the users the infected content. Every user wants to visit that site which is safe from malware. If they find any issue on the website they will go to another website for same information.

How Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Tool works?

There are many tools that are present to check the virus, but Google Malware Checker is the best tool to check for infected content. It is used to check whether your domain is infected by any harmful software or not. It will provide you with the infected pages with proper detection. The website owner must use this tool to check whether their website is infected with virus or not. Enter URL of the website that you want to check and click “ SUBMIT”. It will provides you the result that your website with status “ No unsafe content found” as well provide information of the last updations.

Benefits of Google Malware Checker tool

This tool is used to check to protect your files from getting infected with the harmful virus. Google malware checker tool works very smooth. It is the best way to protect your website and increase your users.