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What is Page size checker?

Page size checker tool is used to check the page size of the website. This tool is very helpful to enhance the performance of your website. It will tell you the size of pages and how much it takes to load. If your website takes more time to load then you have to work on your website. As it will reduce traffic on your website. To improve the performance of your page you should limit the size of your page, as it also increased the page load time.

How does Page size checker tool work?

Page size checker tool is very easy to use. Page size checker tool is used to check the size of any website online and also enhance the performance of the website by providing the size of every single web page. To use this tool what you need to do is just enter the URL of the website or page in the area you want to check. In few secs, it will give you the result.

Benefits of Page size checker tool

Less space will give website lee time to load. This tool will give the approximate that site is taking more time to load and also check the particular size of each page. Fast loading speed and good page size will not only increase traffic on site also enhance user visibility and lower the bounce rate.