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What is Meta Tag Analyzer?

Meta Tags are used to describe your website to search engines, they provide information about your website. They play a very important role in enhancing rank of your websites. It should be good to have meta tags on your site. Meta tag analyzer free SEO tool is used to analyse your website, it checks our whole site and then shows the title, description and keyword. This tool will provide full information, how many time keyword used, where is used.

How does Meta Tags Checker work?

Meta tag analyzer is specially generated to analyse your website. It will analyse the whole website and show in comments what is wrong and what's need to improve. What you need to do is paste the URL of the website and it will show the result in three colours. It shows if there is an issue with your website. If after checking the website it shows the content in green that means there is no need for improvement. If it shows it in orange, that means there is the need for improvement in meta tags, and if it shows content in red that means you need to change the data.

Benefits of Meta Tags Analyzer

Meta tags are important for your website because they are like keywords that are used to enhance the rank of the website in search engine. Meta description or meta tags provide relevant information. Meta tags are used to increase traffic. Anyone can see meta tags of your site, so the meta tags(title, description, keywords) should be relevant to the content and it should be good so that your site will be on top in search engines. It will optimise duplicate tags and remove errors. It is simple and easy to use free SEO tool.