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What is my Browser

What is my browser tool?

The browser is a software application that allows you to visit webpages while using the internet. Some of most popular browser include Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, Mozilla. Nowadays, Google Chrome is most widely used browser in the world also very secure, convenient and fastest browser. You can also browse it for various reasons It is very important to use simple and easy tool like What is my browser that have all the important information that helps to troubleshoot a technical issue that arise due to your browser.

Working of this tool

This tool is helpful to detect your browser and can assist you in identifying which browser you are using and many other details. Many tools utilize different libraries while looking for the user browser. This tool will provides your browser information, currently which browser you are using, version of browser, your OS and user agent.

How do I clear my cookies?

To find out how to clear, remove or enable cookies on your browser click Stop Cookies.