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Online Ping Website Tool

What is Online Ping Website Tool?

Online Ping Website Tool provides the blog-ping-service. It brings many backlinks to the websites, which helps to increase in site ranking in an organic search engines results. You ping only one site or blog at one time. This tool helps to make you visible on all search engines. It is good to update your content on daily basis, after updating it will be good to ping it on different search engines to make it more visible.

How does Online Ping Website Tool work?

Pinging is considered as one of the most emphatic off-page SEO methods to index your site or blog to different search engines or web directories. In this Pinging tool, if you want to index your website or blog then simply enter your blog URL, blog name, blog updated URL and blog RSS feed URL in their respective fields. Now, Click on “submit” and you will get the result. Whenever you update or write the new article it should be good to ping it in the tool

Benefits of online ping website tool

It helps in getting backlinks to the website or blog. If a site is getting several backlinks from the various high PR sites then there are more chances that it will get the better ranking in organic search results. For using this tool, You don’t need to learn any special skill, just put your website or blog name, URL, it's updated URL and RSS feed URL in their respective fields and then hit on “submit”.