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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

What is Reverse IP Domain Name Lookup Tool?

Users think that the IP address they are using doesn't make any impact on their websites. But both domain and IP address have the huge impact on the ranking of our websites. The number of user on one IP address will cause less ranking on our websites. Make sure that there will be no more user on one IP address. There are two types of servers

Shared and dedicated, In shared devices, one IP address is shared with the number of other devices. But on the dedicated server, it will not share your IP with any other device.

How does Reverse IP Domain Checker work?

To use this tool, just enter the domain of the website you want to check and click on the submit button. It will show you the list of all websites that are hosted on the same IP address. You can make use of this tool as it is free to register.

Benefits of Reverse IP Domain Lookup Tool

This tool shows you list of all the websites, from here you can check which sites are infected with malware and have spam contents. This tool is very beneficial when we want to know which site has infected data so that we can protect our websites from malware attacks.