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What is Word Counter Text Tool?

Word character Count is a valuable and easy to use online tool for the people, who are working in the online field. It is a numerical count of how many words a document contains It is a free online character and word counting tool. You can easily check total words and characters with the help of this tool. This tool is very helpful for the professional content writer who is writing content or article. It is very hectic to check your count of words manually in a long document. Word Count help you to count words in your text. It also includes features like keyword Density, word lengths so that you can enhance your productivity.


How does Letter & Word Character Count tool work?

Just paste your written paragraph/text into the box and hit “Count Words” option. In less than a second, our Word counter will display the results, which will tell you about the total words and total characters(including spaces)present in your given paragraph/text. You also see the word count and character count differently. You can access this word count tool on any device such as on your mobile, laptop and tablet. Word count helps you when you are writing something that has a character limit. Word count is the quick and efficient way of meeting your requirements for essays or documents without download any app.


Benefits of Character Count Online tool.

It is a completely free online word counter tool. So, No signup or registration required. Word counter is ridiculously easy to use. The other benefit is that whole process of counting words only takes few seconds. Online word count is the perfect tool for that who need to keep a count of their words. Word Count tool is helpful to improve your textual quality. It also shows the percentage of anchor text founds on your page.