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Server Status Checker

What is Multiple Web Server Status Checker Tool?

Server status checker is a free SEO tool used by site webmasters, SEO professionals to check the current status of your websites. By viewing the status means that this tool will tell whether the website is online or offline. Offline means that website is down or not working properly whereas online means website is online and any visitor can check your website. You can check the status of up to 100 of websites in single attempt.


How does Server Status Checker Tool works?

To access this tool you just need to enter URL, the URL can be one or it can be numerous. After entering the URL enter the submit button. It will show the status within seconds. So, with the help of this tool, you can check at the regular interval that your website is working accurately or not.


Benefits of Server status checker.

The main advantage of this tool is that it affirms the status of the site on regular interval whether the site is working fine or it is down. Another main use is to manage the traffic on the website. Every time visitor visits your site they find the status offline and they are directly redirected to another site. Thus manage the traffic on your site. This tool is beneficial for both owner and visitor. If the user wants to know the status of the website which is not owned by him, he is not authorised to check the status but with the help of this productive tool, you can identify the reason why your website is not working, because whenever you enter a URL it will return an error code and every error code have different meanings.