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Tools definitely play a significant role in the SEO world. These tools are very precious as they not only help in attaining good search engine rankings but also help in gaining higher traffic towards a particular site. Thus to help you out in availing all the above-stated benefits, MegriTools has introduced a huge collection of various tools in different aspects such as content, keywords, web designing, domain, and the last security. To know more about MegriTools and its advantages please see the information as below:

Text & Content Tools

Content tools play an indispensable role in the SEO market as it helps SEO professionals to check word count by using “word character tool” and most importantly by choosing a “plagiarism checker tool” helps in finding the duplicate contents, thus increasing authenticity of your contents.

SEO Performance Tracking Tools

This performance tracking tool enables SEO professionals to examine widely used tools such as:-

  • Page Authority Checker-This tool is considered to be the best approach that helps you to assess the particular page positioning in internet searcher results pages.
  • Google Index Checker -This is widely used to analyze the stats of the numbers of web pages of your specific website while going through a certain website.
  • Bulk Domain Authority Checker-An effective tool, helpful in predicting the ranking of your business site.

All these above-stated tools help in measuring the performance of your site and help in finding solutions to certain problems.

Keywords & Meta Tag Tools

Both these are considered impactful tools in the SEO market that ensures on-page optimization of your respective site. It covers various tools under them - keyword suggestion, keyword position checker and etc.

Web Design & Management Tools

These types of tools help in determining the performance of your website on the internet. It covers various essential tools such as:-

  • Website screenshot creator - one of the most convenient tools that can be used for detecting issues or for making any relevant changes to your site.
  • Image Optimizer-This software thoroughly examines whether images uploaded on a page are completely optimized or not. Moreover helps in finding duplicate images on your page.

Domain Tools

These tools help users in locating domain availability for single and multiple domains. Some of the major tools under this aspect are:-

  • Domain Authority Checker-It is a fast DA checker tool for finding the Domain authority of a website. This software allows you to enter up to 25 URLs at a time.
  • Domain Age Checker -This age checker tool helps users in understanding the age of the domain name. Moreover, provide instant results by informing the age of the domain in years and days.

Website Security & Password Management Tools

Nowadays websites get attacked in terms of online threats and viruses. Thus it is very important to secure your personal information against various threats. For protecting your data various tools have been developed. Some of the important tools covered under this aspect are-My IP address, Password Encryption Utility, and some more.