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About Megri Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to Text Ratio Checker is the friendly tool used to calculate the ratio of your code to text.This tool extricates the text from section and anchor text from HTML code and calculates the percentage based on the information. Google ranks your website after checking the data that is appropriate to your web pages. If there are too many codes or backlinks in your HTML code then it will make your website slow. This tool actually shows the ratio of the text on the HTML body of the webpage. To use this tool just enter the URL and press submit.This tool then displays the result in Code size, text size and code to text percentage

How does Text ratio checker tool works?

Just enter the URL of any webpage and submit this. Result will be analysed and shown with in seconds. It will tell you following information about the webpage.

  • Page Size
  • Code Size
  • Text Size
  • Code to Text Ratio

There is no need to download this tool, you can use it anywhere free of cost. This easy to use tool is very helpful to increase the rankings. Search engine not just take backlinks and heading, they consider whole websites as one parameter. If you have less HTML code on your site, it will take less time to load.

Benefits of Text ratio checker

Code to text ratio is one of the most used SEO tools. This tool helps you in getting a good page rank. If you don't have too much blog post on your websites, then the user will not visit your site again. So the content should be high and relevant. Check index checker tool remove unnecessary code and spaces. This tool is very helpful to increase organic traffic as well enhance the performance of websites. So, to make your website on high rank, you should have unique and relevant content with minimum HTML code.