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What is Pagespeed Insights Checker?

It is one of the important and latest free on page SEO tool that is used to check the speed of your website. Pagespeed Insights Checker tool tells you in which area or page your website needs improvement. We know that pagespeed is an important factor in ranking your website high. This tool reduces the loading speed of the website. The more you open the site, the less time it will take to load.

How does PageSpeed Insight Checker Tool works?

Page Speed checker tools analyse how your website is working and if there is any problem it also provides solutions. To know the result just put the URL of the website and press submit button, it will give you the full report if any changes are needed.

Benefits of PageSpeed Insight Checker

The main advantage of this tool is that it helps you making your website user-friendly by checking one of the major On page SEO factor, page speed., And also make searchable in web browsers by making your site optimizable. Fast loading time will enhance the user experience as well make your website more visible to the users.