Link Tracker


Link Tracker

What are the links?

There are two types of links related to every website:

  • Internal Link
  • Backlink

Internal Link: An internal link is a type of hyperlink which is used to point or navigate from one page to another on a website, such as an image or any documents on the same domain. It is not only used for the navigational purpose inside a website but also help in increasing page views and internal PageRank and also help the reader to gain more information regarding the related article or pages.

Backlink: A backlink is another type of link used to link from a webpage, back to your own webpage or website. Backlink also named as an Inbound link which helps in determining the popularity of your websites. A page that contains a lot of backlinks serves to rank higher in all major search engines like Google.

How does this Link Tracking tool works?

Link tracker is a special type of link or URL(Uniform Resource Locator) which is used to track or locate the certain elements when clicked on given link or we can say that it is used to track that how many time each link or URL has been clicked by their subscribers. Link tracker is mostly used in the paid advertising. A link tracker is generally a unique link specially design which is used with the one marketing activity or used to track the elements of a paid campaign.

Benefits of Link Tracker tool

Nowadays Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo Plays a critical role in bringing attention from your target audience which helps in the earning more gain, then there is also a need of an effective Link building or Link tracker. Blogs articles, paid links and link exchange are very much useful in increases the online clarity of your website. But sometimes it would not create the desired result because of lack of organization, but now you can easily track or monitor your backlinks with the software available like Link Tracker in order to enhance the online visibility of your website.