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JS Minifier

What is JS minifier tool?

JS Minifier is an online JavaScript compressor allows you to compress and minify all your JS files upto 80% of their original size. It also removes white spaces, comments, combined files, and shorten a few common programming patterns. It will take a code written in format by removing the extra space, indentations and newlines. All these things are not required to run JavaScript as they even make that view the source code tough. The main purpose of using JS minifier is to increase the speed of the website. It make script smaller by 20 % and make it load faster.

How does JS minifier works?

To make use of JS minifier, copy paste the JS code in the text are or you can also upload JS files to minify them. This tool will provides the user JS with an API. This easy and quick tol will make execution faster by removing unnecessary things. In the text are copy and paste the JS code and then click on Submit button. This JavaScript code will generate the minified code instantly.

Benefits Of JS minifier

JS minifier make the javaScript download easier and quicker for the user. It also reduce the bandwidth. Comments and whitespaces are not needed for execution of JS, removing them will make loading faster and reduce file size. Minification and compression make the file more effective. It reduces the number of HTTP request that needed to get all the elements.