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HTML Compressor

What is HTML Compressor Tool?

HTML compression tool save space by reducing the size of by doing following

  • Removing text line breaks from the code
  • Removing tab spaces
  • Replacing double spaces with single spaces

It also provides the option of not compressing the head of HTML document. If you have javascript code written in the head section then it would be better not to compressed them as it will make error in the javascript. This tool is best to use as it produce best result by compressing the HTML file size. It would be good if you reduce the size as it require lots of bandwidth. HTML compressor tool generally compress entire HTML web page or Som Code of HTML as you prefer.

How does HTML Compressor works?

To optimize and compressed HTML code simply paste or upload HTML file and this tool will compress it. This tool is helpful for users as it saves lot of time and space by reducing the size. It safely removes the HTML code size CSS files according to their requirements. It make it readable again. It removes all unnecessary blanks, lines breaks.

Benefits of HTML Compressor

Compressed HTML files can save lot of money on your server bills, If you have large bandwidth. Reducing size of code and files makes your site load faster.