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Bulk Facebook ID Finder

What is Multiple Facebook ID finder?

When you created your facebook profile or page, facebook will automatically generate a custom id for you, which use in your url.This Facebook ID is a unique number. Now everyone is using their custom name, so their name is shown in the url rather than ID. When you look at some URL of the facebook page, you will see something like this:
If you are using customised ID then username will bes shown instead of digit numbers Example:http://www.facebook.com/bulk-facebook-id-finder
If you don't remember the facebook ID, or do not find the facebook ID then you can enter full url of facebook page, and this tool will scrape the ID from the code of your profile page.

How does Bulk Facebook finder tool help?

Bulk Facebook finder tool helps to easily find any numeric id of any users in easy manner. To find out users you should know their username, otherwise it will be very difficult to find out the users. Just copy the url of any facebook page in the space area. After that click on “ Get Facebook ID”. This tool will fetch the result quickly. You can enter upto 25 URLs

Benefits of Bulk Facebook finder tool

This Bulk Facebook finder tool is 100 % free Megri tool that allows you to search facebook ID in bulk. It don't requires any downloading and premium subscriptions. FB page admins, website owners, and bloggers, must know their Facebook ID number because they are required in social plugins.