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What is website links list counter?

Webpage links counter tool is used to count how many outgoing links are there on a given webpage. Website owners and users should regularly check external links on their webpages to ensure the quality of a website. This tool is helpful to save you money and the trouble for paying for advertising or link building. It will track the internal and external links and backlinks of a webpage and also tells whether they are dofollow or NOfollow. This tool helps the user to check the link value of their website. The main reason to use this link checker tool is to get proper result so that you can improve the quality of web page

How does website links list tool works?

This tool helps you to determine the number of external links that might affect the quality of your website, because some pages have more links. To avoid this issue use links count checker tool to helps in getting all the details you need to know about the number of links to particular page. Just enter the URL in the text field and then click submit. It will take some time to track the links on your website. After tracking is completed result will be displayed in the form of table, it will show total no of links, with internal links as well as external links.

Benefits of website links list counter

Website links list counter is best SEO review tool to check amount of links on a website and make new SEO strategy as per the site results. It is important to know the accurate number of links to acquire high rank in the SERPs