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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

Robots.txt Generator

What is Robots.txt Generator?

Robots. text generator have great importance for any website user Whenever a search engines crawls about any website, it always look for the robot.txt file located on the domain root level. After That, crawler will read the file and check for the blocked files and directories. Search engine use robot txt file to crawl search engines. These files can be placed on the root folder to help search engines to index more websites. Robot Exclusion Protocol is used by Robots.txt files that generate a file with inputs of pages that can be excluded.

What is working of Robots.txt Generator tool?

Robot. txt allow you to access the file, You can choose from all the robots, you want to allow or refuse the access, by default the access is Allow. Then next you have to select from crawl-delay which tells you how many delays should be there in the crawls. You can choose from 5 sec to 120 sec. By default, it sets to "No Delay". In the sitemap are you have to paste sitemap for your website and if you don't have any website you can leave this blank. List of search robots is given, you can select the ones you want to crawl your site and you can refuse the robots you don’t want to crawl your files. At the last, you have to restrict the directories. The path must contain trailing slash "/" as the path is relative to root. when you are done, you can also upload directory of the website.

Benefits of Robots.txt Generator tool

This tool will generate Robot txt file in very less time and also protect website from spam blockers. The main benefit of Robot.txt is that it will not display the content that are blocked on the website. It will also not index the duplicate and low quality web pages.