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RGB to Hex

What is RGB to Hex converter?

RGB to Hex colour converter is a colour code generator that allows you to convert RGB to Hex. This tool can be used to make HTML pages and graphics that can convert RGB colours to their hexadecimal values.RGB and hex both are values which are assigned to describe specific colours in the pattern. Websites mostly rely on the Hex colours while graphic designing deals with RGB colors. These tools are being very popular on internet as they are generating very great graphics with three colours.The RGB colour converter will take input in the form of RED, Green and blue colours value that range from 0 to 255 and return the values in a hexadecimal string. These color combination can be used in HTML and CSS code. Photo editing software usually show colours in RGB so if you like to use colours displayed in the photo editor then the HTMl background will first have to Hex converter to get the hexadecimal representation of the RGB colour of your choice.

How to use RGB to HEX converter

The algorithm used in RGB to Hex colour conversion is very simple. You should be sure that the values of R,G,B should be in range between 0 to 255. Use of Hex or RGB colour generator makes the entire process easier as you just have to provided values of R,G,B color scheme.