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What is Moz Backlink Checker Tool?

All individuals related to internet marketing or SEO are well aware from Moz. Moz is a quite famous SEO experts center worldwide with latest SEO forecast & search engines algorithms, panda and penguin updates. Megri Moz backlink Extractor is a very useful tool to extract backlinks from the Moz database. This tool makes use of Moz API at its backend, thus provide you the result by scanning the respective Moz backlinks database.

How we uses Moz Backlink Checker?

Moz backlink Extractor is a 100% free online without CAPTCHA web tool. No registration is required for use this tool. Simply enter or copy and paste your web URL into the given text box and select the number of backlinks which you want to find out, by choosing the number quantity from the second drop-down list. Then Click on the submit button. You can get the inbound links report for your respective URL within a minutes. By default, you can get 50 to 1000 inbound links report. After that, you have also the options to export the result or copy your result to the clipboard. You can select the appropriate one according to your needs, otherwise simply neglect it.

Benefits of Moz Backlink Checker tool

Backlink checker tool is very helpful in analysing the effective backlinks for your websites. It helps to increase the organic traffic. It also check that the content on tool should be effective so that you can get relevant and high authority links. It also Monitor the brand and maintain relationship with influencers.