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What is Free Link Analyzer?

Free Link Analyzer Tool will help you to find out the internal and external links existing on the website. This tool generates a complete link analysis report so that you can easily determine the internal & external links to any website. This tool analyses the link on the individual page of the website. After analysing the link, it will provide URLs, Source Code. The important feature of Link Analyser tool is that it compares the number of link with the competitors

Difference Between Internal Links and External Links?

Internal links:- Internal links are linking that are on other pages of the same domain. These links point to content of same domains

External links:- External links are links that are going from your websites to the different domain. In other words, these links point to totally different domain

How does Link Analyzer Tool work?

The SEO and website owners track their incoming and outgoing links. You have to check both the quantity and quality of this tool. So, this tool is helpful to check the links. The method of finding an internal and external link to the website is very simple. Enter the website URL, you wish to analyze and then hit “submit”. The Link Analyzer generates a complete link analysis report that contains brief information about the internal links and external links. If your site has some hidden or spam links tan you can use link analyser tool to check the hidden links. This tool is important to evaluate your website and enhance your organic traffic by analysing the link building techniques. So, to provide better and perfect backlink analysis this tool is generated

Benefits of Link Analyzer Tool

Free Link Analyzer tool generates a complete link analysis report, which contains the brief information regarding the internal and external links so that, the user can easily determine the links. It is a free online SEO Link Analyzer tool. This tool is beneficial to check the incoming link to increase traffic on your site. This tool is very easy to use that it remove dead links & links showing an error to get better page rank for your website