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What is Social Statistics Checker?

Social status checker tool is a useful tool that helps you to figure out how strong your presence on social media. This tool works on all modern browsers and do not require a database. All you have to do is input your link into the box. Social media counter helps you to which of your value data or post is being liked, shared or tweeted most. This will gives you a clear cut idea about the content that performs well. It generate a report of your social media status that tells you how many social media signals you have got. Social Stats Checker is a free online tool to monitor social performance of your website or blog on top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, G Plus, Pinterest and Linkedin. If you have those social buttons on the website, you need a way to see how many shares each page of your website receives.

How to use Social status checker tool?

Enter the URL of the website and click Submit. This will take some time to generate the result and gather information about your social network. This will show social stats of facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. This tool is helpful to generate traffic to your website. To get the estimate of the effectiveness of your social media campaigns it is enough to check with shares number once a week or so. However, even if your social media marketing efforts require daily share checks, Social Stats Checker will work perfectly.

Benefits of Social status checker

This tool is fast and reliable that don't need no signup. It run on almost all the browsers and provides accurate results. This tool is helpful to know social status of your popular post and comments