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Link Price Calculator

About Link Price Calculator

Link Price Calculator is powerful SEO tool which provides you with the information about the estimation of payment you should be paying for the specified link every month. Link price tool helps in the calculation the payment you have to pay for any URL of the sites. It will also update you about the information whenever you upgrade your site that you, that it will cost you more or not. To know the estimation of the payment, you just need to copy paste or type the URL, to be contingent on the parameters it will calculate the total charges that you are paying for any URL.

How does Link Value Calculator tool work?

Free SEO tool is very easy to use as there is no skills required to use it. Just need to copy paste the URL then then click on “Submit”. It will analyse the results and provides with in a seconds. This tool provide you the amount you are paying in US dollars. There are also some attributes you have to consider like Alexa rank, Backlinks, Organic Traffic.

Benefits of Link Price Calculator tool

Link price calculator is the very beneficial for web pages users. This tool helps both the advertiser and website owner to compute the charges. If any owner is paying more for the advertisement this will provide you with the information about the exact payment of the advertisement. This is helpful in assessing the total number of links on a URL and generate profit by selling and buying advertisements.