Top 6 Elements For a Strong SEO Strategy in 2021

06/14/2018 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo

Digital Marketing is one of the biggest trendings and talked about topic today. It is catching the eyeballs of every business these days. Everyone wants to develop his website, spread awareness of their brand and be famous for that matter. For that, you need to build strong SEO strategies and in this blog, we will talk you through 6 basic and most important components of SEO everyone should know who wants to attain their goal of ranking high. By the end of this blog, you will definitely be a pro. So let's start

Keywords Work

You must know what keywords are, words which we search in the search engines are ‘‘keywords’’. The first and vital step is to optimize your keywords. We must choose keywords with highest searches but at the same time with low competition. Wise selection of keywords helps, in the long run, to achieve higher ranking in SERPs.

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​​​​​​Content is King

You must have heard ‘‘content is the king’’. The user gets attracted to your services only if he gets hooked on to your content. Content act as a king. No matter how far you go if you fail to impress your users with mind-boggling content, you fail altogether, so keep in mind to develop an excellent text content to engage your users.

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Infographics work nowadays

Users these days don’t have enough time and interest to go through the whole textual content, it becomes boring for them. So make sure you use every sort of interesting pictures, graphs, images to convey your message to the user in a creative manner. Add proper alt tags to the images so that search engine bots could read your images and provide rank accordingly.

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What is URL Structure

Short and keyword rich. That’s exactly how your URL should. It must not be irrelevant, should be exact, appropriate and in line with the topic.

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Website Backlinks

After you have done everything else mentioned above, last and second most important component of a good SEO strategy is to build strong links of your website. You must link your pages or website for that matter to the sites having higher page and domain authority. One must prefer making do follow links with the websites already established so that you also build a strong image of your website in the eyes of search engine bots.

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Website Speed matters

Another most important factor that covers good SEO strategy is speed. The loading speed of your website must be less so that users could stay on to your page for a longer duration. Your site must not be heavy, it should open with just a click.

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So if you are planning to design an SEO strategy for your website then you must go through this article first :)